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Day 1

Welcome and visit the school. Visit the Mayor of Bogatynia. presentation about municipality of Bogatynia, region, Poland and Polish system of education. Afternoon - ice-breaking activities for teachers and students - integrational dances, traditional dances, typical food, outdoor games.

Day 2

Trip to Karpacz (Wang church, Toys museum), Kowary (miniatures from Lower Silesia Region), Jelenia Góra.

Day 3

Dramatized game "Games of our parents and grandparents" with connection to traditional costumes, dances and songs.

Workshop for teachers "Games in education". Workshops for students: "Paint your own Comenius t-shirt", "Make traditional toys", "Games with languages", "Games in the clasroom", "Typical buildings in Bogatynia".

Few words about fun education
The Idea of fun education has been brought to Poland from Austria. From 1990 it has been spread around and promoted, firstly by Klub Animatora Zaba¬wy KLANZA under supervision of dr Zofia Zaorska and currently by Polskie Stowarzyszenie Pedagogów i Animatorów KLANZA. Fun education is a method of learning, which promotes the opportunity for the participants to develop in friendly environment, regardless of their age and abilities.
Fun is an effective ice-breaker for people; it extricates creativity and helps to take actions, respecting the rules:
  • Participation is open for everybody
  • All levels of communication are taken into account
  • The experiences are to be important
  • Different ways of expressions are to be used

Day 4

Trip around municipality of Bogatynia (Turów coal mine and power plant, 3-borders point)
COlimpic games - outdoor games.

Day 5

Circus - the first class. Circus activities prepared by students of 1st grade. Circus workshop for students.


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