Saint Andrew's eve - Polish traditional games

Predicting from cards

There are cards spreaded on the table and a person chooses one card and a fairy reads a divination connected to this particular card.


One throws three dices
Amount of all the dices tells
3 happiness, all dreams come true
4 troubles
5 you`ll get a present you wanted
6 you`ll fall in love in a famous sportsman/sportswoman
7 watch your friends
8 listen to your friends` advice
9 love, marriage
10 there will be a new household member-a dog
11 you and your family will have a guest- a cousin with a big luggage of presents
12 good news-holiday on Antarctica
13 you`ll become a writer
14 you`ll become lazy
15 you`ll fall in love during winter holiday
16 valuable acquaintance with somebody from abroad
17 you`ll win on lottery
18 all your dreams will come true, you`ll succeed and you`ll have much money

Magic plates

Spread 9 plates on the table, put on them magic objects and cover. One chooses one plate and he/she finds out what the future will bring…
  • ring-marriage
  • cross-order
  • flower-spinsterhood
  • bread-welfare
  • sugar-sweet life
  • money-wealth
  • bay leaf-adventurous life
  • feather-creative and interesting life
  • key-locked in a room weeping to pillow

Lucky numbers

Every participant adds the numbers of his/her birthday date, e.g.: 19TH June 1983 (1+9+6+1+9+8+3)=3+7=10=1+0=1
A Fairy reads in The Book of Symbols what the number tells us about the person, e.g.:
Number two is the symbol of a calm, kind, secretive, sometimes tricky person. Favourite colour-orange. Amber brings him/her good luck.

Predicting from wax

Melt wax and spill it through a key to the pot with hot water. You can see a shape made of wax. Take the wax and read a shade of the wax that is on the wall.

Drawing sweets

Children draw sweets from a magic bag. Each sweet has a card with a prediction. It tells what kind of present children will get for Christmas.


You will need 7 or 13 pins. Put them to the mug, shake and spill them on the table covered with a tablecloth. Then you have to read the letters that were made of pins. Meaning of the letters:
  • A-travel or moving out
  • E- luck at school
  • H- luck in love
  • K-success in love and social life
  • L-watch thieves
  • M-advantageous offer
  • N-luck in the future
  • T-assistance of friends
  • W-watch swindlers
  • V-someone will need your help
  • X-luck in every sphere of your life

‘Dancing with a hat.’

Children dance and they pass on a hat. When the music stops a person with hat on his/her head falls away from the game.

‘Hot chairs.’

Children dance around the chairs. There is one more child than chairs. When the music stops children must sit on the available chair. A child who couldn`t sit falls away from the game. Then, another chair is taken away and the game keeps going.