MATERIAL: ties, bows
GAME: the goal is to take other team´s tail. Every participant is in the field with his tail hanging at the back part of the trousers, like a tail. When the game starts everyone should steal the other team´s tails. When the participant loses his tail, then he is eliminated.

MATERIAL: rings or hoops
RULES: it depends on the number participants, but in general there should be 6 hunters. The hunters must try to catch the rest of participants. In order to catch them they have to throw a ring/hoop and fit it over his body. The hunters must catch as many free participants as possible.
When the hunter catches a participant, this one becomes a statue and stays with the arms crossed and the legs opened. In order to make the statue free a participant should pass under the statue´s legs.
When the whistle is blown the game finishes. If there are more statues than hunters the hunters win, and if not the players.


MATERIAL: cones, rings, pikes and benches.
RULES: the goal of the game is to get as many treasures as possible. The teams are made, every team has its own castle where the treasures are. Each castle has the same number of treasures and one guardian who is going to be in charge of the treasures. The guardian is always inside the castle and cannot go out. His function is to catch as many robbers as possible. When a robber is caught he must stay in the tower of the castle (a bench).
The robbers have to enter in the other teams´castle to steal the treasures and take them go their own castle. When the game is over the winner is the team who has more treasures. When the game is finished the treasures are counted and every thief caught is counted as two treasures.

RULES: the number of teams depends on the number of sacks. The ideal is to make two teams, the players run in relays. When the output is given one of each team runs .The goal is to run as fast as possible to the other side, when he arrives to the point another participant starts running. The game finishes when all the players have run. The winner is the team who finishes the round faster.

MATERIAL: Big hoops and wooden sticks
RULES: We place some hoops on the floor, leaving a distance of 3-4 meters among them.There will be as many lines of players as teams involved.A set of sticks is placed next to the first player of the line.The aim of the game is to fit the sticks inside the corresponding hoop.
The first person in the line of each team throws the stick to place it inside the hoop. If he achieves the goal he queues again and waits for his turn to throw the stick again. If he doesn´t put the stick in the right place, he picks it up and puts it where it was taken.
The team winner is the first one that fits all his sticks.

THE_BOMB_1.jpg THE_BOMB_2.png
RULES: The participants sit down on the floor making a circle. One player sits down in the middle of the circle blind folded. The ball is given to one of the participants in the circle, who has to pass the ball to the person on his left. Meanwhile the person in the middle of the circle is saying the words “ATTENTION”, “DANGER” AND “BOMB” (waiting for some seconds among them). When the word BOMB is pronounced, the person who holds the ball is eliminated. The game ends when there are only 3 players in the game.


MATERIAL: hoops and cones
RULES: There are as many teams as streets to run in.
During a relay race, members of a team take turns running, (usually with a baton in the first) parts of a circuit.The first runner in each team has a baton in his hand (in this case a hoop).

Traditional relays consist of each person taking a turn and then sitting down after he has completed the event. In traditional relays students run from one area to another and back, passing a baton to the next runner. The winning group is the first team to complete the task.