Place: Indoor & outdoor games
Group of players : 10 at least 10 students
No materials needed
How to play to : The player make cincle and open their hands and put then on together. Right hands will be on the up and the left hands should be under on them. Then start to say the song of the game “Çatlak Patlak yusyuvarlak sigaralı börek sütlü çörek çek dostum çek arabanı buradan çek”
RULES:When the players sing a song at the same time they hit their hands above the other hand. At the endef the song players try to prevent hitting the other’s players hand to his own hand.
If the players hit their hands he/she will go out from the game. The last who will left will be the winner.

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Outdoor games
Group of players : +10 at least 2 players
MATERIALS: 2 wooden thick stick (25 cm)
2 wooden thick stick (70 cm)
How to play : The first player will be tog .The smaller wooden (thick stick) piece called as Çelik the langer piece called as Çomak. On the playground , there will be a small hole before starting the game .The players firstly put “Çelik on the hollow”
RULES: The players try to throw the Çelik as for as he can, by çomak which should be put under it in the holes , fastly.The next player will stay near çelik (120 m for away ) and try to catch it and try to hit them . If he can manage , the turn . If he can’t hitor catch the Çelik. Take it from the floor Ü; the opponent player put the Çomak on the hole at the same time . Then , take Çelik where it is and try to hit Çomak from this side.If he it Çomak,turn will be pass through himself and next player take Çomak throw int again as for as he can. It must be 3 times the hitting will be repeated.The opponent player will be successful if the distance between hole and Çelik is 3 steps long If the next player couldn’t do this the opponent player count the steps batween Çelik and the hole , who will be the scorer will be the winner be the winner at the same time


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Outdoor games

Group of students at leas 3 students: +10


How to play: Game composed of 5 level first level, the rope will stay on foot level of the player. In second level, the rope will stay on the knee level of players.In fourth level, the rope will stay under hips and in fifth level the rope will stay on hip line of the players.

RULES: 2 Playerswill stay oppositely and strech the rope with their like a rectangle. The other player will jump through rigt and left side, but the rope should be between (in the middle of) their foots 4times player do like this jump to right and to the left side. On the fifth jump, the foots should be outside from the rope. On the sixth jump put her foots into rope and put together. (foot closed) On the seventh jump the foots inside the rope and open the foots. On the eigthth jump, players closed her foots in the rope. On the nineth jump players try to press on bot side of the rope by his her foots. In the second & third levels players can press the ropes by foot but in the third,fourth& fifth level foots should be open and stay outside of the rope like friangel. Who will make a mistake, will go out and the turn will pass trough.

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Whose hands upon?
Place: Indoor & Outdoor games
Group of players at least : +4
No materıals needed.
How to play? : One tag and the tag will lie facedown on the floor.The players will put their first upper and upper .Then ask midwife “ Whose hands upon ?” If he will know the whose hands upon theb midwife will be the one on the top (upside) first and then if he doesn’t predict whose hands upon then the players will punish him ask him Is it drum? Is it shrill pipe? Is it needle? Is it sewing cotton?
If the midwife say drum. The players will tap on the back of midwife by their palms.
If the midwife ; says shrillpipe ; the players will shout him ufrom his ears closely.If midwife chosen needle , the players will imitate needle hit by their fingers on the back on midwife chosen cotton the players will imitate like a sewing with a cotton an the back.


Outdoor games
Group of players at least : +10
Material needed is a ball
How to play: Students will make circle. The first player on of them will stay with a ball in the centre of the circle. Start the game with whistle. Firstly the player in the center throw the ball upside and tell the name of one of the one of the other players at the same time.
RULES: The players whose name called should run and catch the ball without it hits the floor.The other players will run away at the same time , because of the player can’t reach &handle the ball
The player who handles the ball say “ISTOP” then the others who runs away will stay wherever they are . The one with the ball , try to hit someone with a ball If it hits , if not to whom he hits the ball, will get the score (points)The scorer who will get the least score(point) will be the winner.


In door and Outdoor games
Group player at least 7 students: +10
No materials needed.
How to play : The players make a line and start to hit their knees twice (pacely) then clap their hands twice, and clink fingers twice , at the same time tell salt ice. The players whose turn will should change the place of words and tell ice,salt (viceversa). Who will make a mistake and forget to say will fail.
RULES:The players each time do the same twice , hit knees clap hands and clink fingers.
The one who fail will imitate one of the animal that the other’s wanted.

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Outdoor games
Group students at least:+10
How to play : Players will be divided into to groups (7 and 7) The one who will carry the handkerchief,will stay in the middle of the two group. The one will put the handkerchief on his hand upside.When the game started , each student from different group runs & try to grab the handkerchief and when got it again try to run away to own group (from) without (cought) by the opponent player.The one who won’t grab the handkerchief will be eliminated.
The group (at the and) who has got the most playerin their group will be the winner.

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Outdoor games
Group of students at least : +10
MATERIAL: Handkerchief
How to play: Without one, of them, all the players will make a circle and squat down.
The one will stay outside the circle with a handkierchief on his hand (palm).When the game started all the players started to say the song “Yağ satarım bal satarım ustam ölmüş ben satarım ustamın kökü sarıdır satsam on beş liradır.Zambak zumbak dön arkana iyi bak”

RULES:When the last part of the song told (dön arkana iyi bak) The one who carry handkerchief put slowly handkerchief at the back side of one of the platers who squat down.Each will turn back and the one who will see that the handkerchief is on the back of his, started to stand up as fast as possible and run away and chase at the back of the other player and try to catch him without he/she sitting and squat down his place (the one chase and follow the other but couldn’t grab him will be eliminated)Then he/she started to do the same.

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