Traditional Foods

Turkish ravioli construction

Traditional Foods Turkish ravioli construction
Traditional Foods Turkish ravioli construction


MATERIALS (5 people)

For the dough:

3-4 cups flour

4 eggs

1 cup of water



2 onions

Put 400 grams of minced (ground twice)

salt,black pepper

Mantı, Mantı Resmi fotosu
Mantı, Mantı Resmi fotosu


4 tablespoons butter

With garlic yoghurt



red pepper flakes
Traditional Foods MANTI
Traditional Foods MANTI

Ravioli Directions

Sift 2 cups of flour kneading bowl, push the middle of the pool. Eggs, water and salt by adding Start to knead with your fingertips. By adding flour if necessary, until you get to hard consistency of dough, knead a long time. Divide into pieces of. 15-20 minutes to clean with a damp cloth covering on the rest. In the meantime, prepare the mortar. Chop or grate the onion very thin. Minced meat, salt, pepper and knead with. In the meantime, rested the dough, sprinkle flour on the rolling pin with the help of open 2 millimeter thick. Divide the width of 2-3 inches square, the center of the size of peas with meat sheep mortar. Close the upper ends of the gathering. Sprinkle flour on the cloth covering the rest aside to dry. Prepare all the glands in this way. Kaynayabileceği business logic can easily boil the water in a large pan. Take a little bit of salt. Chebureks boiling SUV roll. Ravioli filled out will not touch each other by placing a few hours wait in the flour on a tray on the cover with a clean cloth. A few days later if you want to use the roast lightly, deep freezer bags and store it after it has cooled. After putting in Kayseri basil ravioli dish also sprinkle yoğurtlanıp places. Wait for the water to boil again Harlin fire. Then bring the fire medium overheating. Surface water and cook until softened. A small skillet, heat the butter. Share the ravioli dishes. Move on yogurt with garlic and butter. Sumağını, nanesini, sprinkle hot pepper flakes and serve.


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1 kilo of baklava 3 one egg 10 g of salt (to strengthen the dough) 2 cups of water A pound of starch 400 grams of butter or margarine 1 kilo of sugar 250 grfıstığı or walnuts


Break the eggs into a large basin that drain. Then add salt, add a glass of water. Then knead the dough until it becomes hard on the wet and leave to rest for about 20 minutes about covering it with a clean cloth.

Divide the dough Legende 12 equal parts by removing the starch and sprinkle with your hands flat on the material. A rolling pin or pasta roller on a marble floor or table open in a subtle way possible.

Sprinkle the dough starch constantly opening. Sheets with a very light way that you open the tray before stacking tray thoroughly lubricate. Sheets with one at a time after the tray.

Sheets with one tray at a time while we all have melted the butter over low heat before dipping a brush filo pastry, sprinkle on.

After wiring the tray half of the dough in the tray with a nice peanut or nut release. Directory on the remaining dough in the same way peanuts. Squeeze the dough inwards from the edge of the blade with the back of the tray. However, the way you want with the help of a knife (carrot slice, square, rectangle and so on. Etc.) slice.

To turn off the oil, pour over melted slices. Baklava prepared in an oven at medium heat and cook about half an hour. During this period, the orange color and the surface will cook in baklava.

Kadayıftaki baklava from the oven as soon as the heat of the moment, add grout prepared. Then let it cool down again, ready to baklava.

Turkish Coffee

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How to make Turkish coffee?

How is the Turkish coffee? Or, in other words, how to be the best Turkish coffee?
There is no doubt there is only one answer to this question. The best recipe will vary from person to person. But a matter of fact, the basis for making Turkish coffee is a method.

Coffee Recipe

Another unique feature of Turkish coffee to occur during the cooking of: coffee, cook kayanatarak! Other types of coffee Turkish coffee is coffee prepared by boiling a single ...

As described above, the flavor of coffee is an important element of the first uses high quality coffee. If the next element in the quality of water to be used. Definitely do not use tap water. Chlorine in tap water can disrupt enjoy your coffee ...

Coffee fincanınızı fill to the brim with cold drinking water, juice, coffee pot empty. Every two teaspoons for a cup of coffee (it is approximately 5 grams of coffee) add-makers. Add sugar according to your desire at this stage you will. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar and Turkish coffee house allows you to get a good foam. In the meantime, enjoy your coffee in the coffee as low as possible for candies Get more strongly.

Coffee and sugar over low heat and stir well. Do not try to cook quickly over high heat.

Can see that köpüğünüzün in about a minute. This foam cup and continue to boil away. Get The resulting foam cup again. Buy this Lather-foam, preferably 1 or 3 times, repeat the process. Finally, the remaining coffee to a boil and cook and drain the cup.

Drinking Coffee

As well as the preparation of Turkish coffee is a special coffee with drink. As with other types of coffee in a hurry, in a cardboard box somewhere in your hand and ran away içebilceğiniz is not a cup of coffee!

Hails Turkish coffee is a pleasure to yudumlanması in peace! Serve with coffee and water. But this water, drink coffee before the other flavors in the mouth that help remove ...

Enjoy it! :)