I`ve got an embroidered handkerchief…

I`ve got an embroidered handkerchief
that has got four corners
to one I love, to one I like
I`ll throw the handkerchief
that one I love, that one I like
that one I`ll kiss
and the handkerchief
I`ll give to you.

Children sit in a circle and sing. One child walks In the middle of the circle waving the handkerchief and pointing at the children s/he sings. A child in the middle of the circle throws the handkerchief to one child and this child must kneel down on the handkerchief. The child from the middle of the circle does the same. They blow kisses each other (if they want they may kiss each other on their cheeks). The chosen child takes the handkerchief and goes in the middle of the circle.

Jawor, jawor

Jawor, jawor
Jawor people
What are you doing here?
We`re building bridges
For the foreman
We let go a thousand horses
And the one we`ll stop

Two children keep their hands up touching their palms and other children go underneath it one by one. Saying word: ‘And the one we`ll stop’ the two children put the hands down catching one child. The caught child goes to the right or left putting his/her hands on the antecedent’s shoulders making the next part of the bridge. When all children are caught they catch each other`s trunks and pull other children into their side checking out the resistance of the bridge.

Angular circle

Angular circle
With four corners
It cost four cents
And we all fall down!

Children dance in the circle holding their hands. After the words: ‘And we all fall down’ children fall down and the circle breaks down.

A fox is walking near the road

A fox is walking near the road,
It doesn`t have neither an arm nor a leg
Nobody can predict
Who will be dressed by the fox.

Children sit in a circle. One child walks outside the circle holding a handkerchief or a mascot. After words: ‘Who will be dressed by the fox’ the child throws the handkerchief behind one child who must take the handkerchief, stand up, chase and catch the running child before s/he runs and takes the empty place in the circle. If the chasing child is able to catch the running child s/he can sit on his/her place in the circle. If not, s/he takes the handkerchief and goes outside the circle.